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Lina Luft says.. This Page is a political blog of me (Lina Luft), an activist of the planetary peace movement (PPM)

My central goal is a planetary (worldwide) peaceful togetherness of humanity and nature. Under this view the faced problems are subdivided into two main categories within my blog:

human-human conflicts and human-nature conflicts.

My aim is to help to evolve strategies to overcome these conflicts.

Let's get started :P


Offener Brief von Linken an Alle

Info-Broschüre: Die Antideutschen


0. Projects:

Zeitgeist-Freizeit [2019]

Baumhaussiedlung Tübingen-Derendingen [2016 - 2018]

1. Human-Human Conflicts:

Info-Flyer: ZG Freizeit 2019

Airbase Ramstein: Dronestrikes Victims

Offener Brief an Boris Palmer + Antwort

Struktureller Antisemitismus in der Kritikkultur

Genderneutrale Grammatik - genderneutral leben

2. Human-Nature Conflicts

Steh auf für deine Zukunft!

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